Electrical Waste Management & Recycling Solutions

With years of experience, IT Ports. is established as an industry leader in secure data destruction, IT asset disposal and WEEE recycling.

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    Total Waste Management Solutions

    IT Ports is a waste management company that offers electronic recycling services and IT asset disposition (ITAD). Our services include data destruction and asset recovery to decommissioning and tailored solutions, either on-site at your facility or in-house at ours. Some of our standard services include;

    Safe disposal of IT & Asset

    Keeping your environment safe is highly necessary. Therefore, we assist you in removing unwanted or damaged IT assets from your facility environment, and any digital data to be wiped off is destroyed.

    IT Repairs

    We can guarantee excellent service delivery from our years of experience in this field. Our company sells and carryout both corrective and other maintenance services on electronic devices like laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc.

    Electronics Recycling

    Different electronics such as computers etc., we collect, recycle, and certify the safe disposal of all electrical and electronic waste from businesses in the UK.

    Proper Data Eradication

    Our company provides different alternatives to safely eradicate any irrelevant data using destructive practices that are highly effective.

    Paper Shredding

    IT Ports delivers shredding service with strict compliance and confidentiality to businesses nationwide.

    Data Centre Decommissioning

    We provide professional decommission services for companies within the information and communication industry.

    UK’s leading specialists for IT asset disposal and WEEE recycling.

    Service That Saves You Money

    Our electronic waste management service helps improve your business by cutting down the high cost. With our fully approved removal and destruction procedures, sensitive data, hazardous material, or paper records can be destroyed and recycled when not needed again. As an electronic recycling service provider, we ensure that WEEE management and recycling process are fully accessible to customers from start to finish.

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    Don’t panic; we've got everything covered

    For service that requires data removal, computer disposal, computer recycling, and computer destruction…connect with us today.

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    We Create a blueprint

    We will draw up a layout that will keep your mind at rest from the beginning till the end of the project.

    We Collect Materials

    Our professionally designated team will visit your proposed facility and collect the materials.

    Waste processing

    We perform recycling and disposal activities on all equipment up to the certified standards.

    Why choose us?

    We have a significant level of experience in IT asset disposal, safe destruction of data, and WEEE recycling services.

    Good Service Delivery

    We apply the best software to dispose of data and electronics without causing any worries safely.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Selling your irrelevant electronics for proper disposal and refurbishment helps you contribute to the societal goals of CSR.

    Data Security

    ADISA accredited facility with 24/7 CCTV, full audit trail and documentation.

    Maintenance of Assets

    We can collect and maintain assets in a safe manner.

    A Wide Variety

    We buy IT systems and parts from over 150 brands including HPE, Dell, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Apple and Samsung.

    Highly Accredited

    We are highly accredited for data erasure holding ISO 27001 and the stringent ADISA accreditation