Electronics Recycling

IT Ports collect, recycle and certify the secure disposal of WEEE from UK businesses, such as computers, mobiles and laptops.

Why Do You Need To Recycle Electronics?

To live a healthy life in a pleasing environment, electronic recycling is essential, and that’s why IT Ports Limited is committed to providing electronic waste management services nationwide.

We all know there is a great spike in modern technology development, with lots of new devices of better performance flooding the IT market. It has resulted in rapid obsolescence of commercial and office electronic equipment.

Every electronic device is made of different chemicals harmful to humans and the environment after its primary function. Many of us dump our electronic waste without considering the future side effects on our lives. When WEEE is dumped in landfills, the device’s chemical components disintegrate into the earth and water system. As a result of our food chain, the hazardous elements get back to us, the final consumer. That’s why IT Ports ensures that WEEE is safely and properly disposed of at the designated facility following the laws guiding WEEE recycling services.

A perfect case study is the disposal of smart devices such as laptops. Globally, almost everyone uses smart devices, with lots of newly manufactured devices yearly. At least every single second, over 1000 smart devices are disposed of. However, recycling smart devices can only take place unless recycled through a WEEE recycling service.

IT Ports provides you with seamless and easy recycling services in the UK by securely disposing of computers and other electrical or electronic equipment. With full availability and flexible service to every business category, we can guarantee that all waste is properly disposed of. However, every non-recyclable waste is converted to produce green energy, which helps sustain enterprises.

Finally, it is necessary to know that any WEEE that contains hazardous components like mercury requires a hazardous waste consignment note. But you don’t have to panic because IT Ports will handle it for you. Just contact us to get the cost of our service. It’s an easy and simple process compared to your current electronic waste management provider.

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