IT & Asset Disposal

We enable you to systematically remove retired IT assets from your live environment and ensure all digital data is destroyed.

Outdated IT assets that could be decommissioned, recycled, and reused?

Keeping our surroundings free from landfill activities is our priority at IT Ports. We provide standard waste collection services, and specialist decommissions services while working together with third-party subcontractors.

Our specialist decommissioning service available nationwide is committed to providing recycling, removal, disconnecting, dismantling, and detailed report and analysis of various IT infrastructure such as switchboards, CU units, server racks, etc. These include equipment in a remote or difficult location.

We can assure you that our dedicated team comprises professionals with vast experience in waste management and has worked with top network and infrastructure providers nationwide.

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    Types of IT Equipment We Collect & Recycle

    • Desktop Computers
    • Mobile Phones
    • Printers
    • Laptops
    • Telecoms Equipment
    • Scanners
    • iPads / Tablets
    • Servers
    • Medical Devices