Paper Shredding

IT Ports provide confidential and fully compliant shredding services to businesses nationwide.

Paper Shredding

Globally, many businesses seek secure disposal of documents, which is why we provide an easy one-off shredding service. Our GDPR team is fully available to visit your home, office, or facility to destroy every irrelevant communication and storage means such as papers and other electronic devices.

This service helps protect sensitive data from being stolen due to the quick build of documents in homes and offices. Therefore investing in shredding services is the best step to protect documents and keep your office storage from overflowing.

Our one-off Shredding Service
If you choose our on-site service, the process  is as follows;

  1. Selecting a date and time for one-off collection of waste – At this stage, our specialised team will come to your location, collect, and transfer the waste to our high-security MOD-approved shredding vehicles, then weigh it.
  2. Supervision by an appropriate person – During the destruction process, a witness from your company is present to witness every procedure. The shredded waste is placed into the vehicle’s rear compartment, locked, and moved to our shedding depot.
  3. Issuing of certificate of destruction – The certification of destruction contains information of the waste collected, such as the weight. It is the minimum requirement when disposing of confidential waste.

If one-off shredding service is done at our depots, a different procedure will be applied to ensure GDPR compliance;

  1. We pick a date and time for one-off collecting of your waste.
  2. Transport shredded waste to one of our shredding depots facility, and within 24 hours, the waste is shredded. After that, the waste undergoes a recycling process.
  3. A certificate of destruction is issued as a minimum requirement after destroying confidential waste. The certificate is to be documented on file for six years after performing the process.

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    Why choose us?

    We have a significant level of experience in IT asset disposal, safe destruction of data, and WEEE recycling services.

    Good Service Delivery

    We apply the best software to dispose of data and electronics without causing any worries safely.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Selling your irrelevant electronics for proper disposal and refurbishment helps you contribute to the societal goals of CSR.

    Data Security

    ADISA accredited facility with 24/7 CCTV, full audit trail and documentation.

    Maintenance of Assets

    We can collect and maintain assets in a safe manner.

    A Wide Variety

    We buy IT systems and parts from over 150 brands including HPE, Dell, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Apple and Samsung.

    Highly Accredited

    We are highly accredited for data erasure holding ISO 27001 and the stringent ADISA accreditation