Secure Data Destruction

IT Ports provide a number of solutions to guarantee that your data is securely eradicated, through thorough destruction practices.

Secure Data Destruction

Secure data destruction of IT equipment is vital for every business. It helps protect your environment and your business reputation. To ensure every data on irrelevant IT equipment is eradicated correctly, join an IT asset disposition program and check out the program’s security and sustainability, including remarketing, recycling, and proper destruction of unwanted IT assets.

Secure Data Destruction (SDD) or data erasure is essential to data protection services. When a business does not adhere to the required standards after acquiring a certificate of destruction, it can result in a financial fine and damage its reputation. For example, the NIST 800-88 guidelines for media sanitization and degaussing are recommended for purging data on magnetic media.

We provide secure electrical and electronic waste management services at IT Ports, such as disposal, decommissioning, and recycling services. These services can be offered either at our facility or customer’s site. At our facility, we provide a full report of every process carried out from the beginning to the end. The report will contain details of items received, method of statement, and each electronic asset’s final result. While at a customer site, we carry out every process within the designated site under the supervision of either staff or the owner, using our mobile cataloging and destruction techniques.

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    Examples of Data-Bearing Equipment

    • Hard Drives
    • Data Tapes
    • Flash Memory
    • SSD Drives
    • Memory Sticks
    • Floppy Disks
    • CDs & DVDs
    • Video Tapes
    • Servers